Advice for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

If your application for Social Security Disability Benefits is denied, you can appeal this decision by going through the appeals process. If this process leads to another rejection of your application, you can then move forward to request a hearing in front of an administrative judge. Outlined below are some of the most important things that you should consider when deciding on whether or nt you wish to file a request for an appeals hearing.

The Hearing Process
If your application is denied a second time, you have 60 days from the date of receiving the decision to deny your request for Social Security Benefits, to file a request for a hearing. If you do not file a request for a hearing within this time frame, and decide that you wish to appeal your denial, you will have to start back at the beginning of the application process again, and wait to be denied twice more, in order to file a request for a hearing. This entire process can take months, months that you have already been through.

When you file a request for a hearing before an administrative judge, the decision of whether to approve or deny your claim changes hands from the Social Security Disability claims processors, to the administrative law judge who will hear your case. The judge will make their decision based on the evidence that is presented at your hearing, as well as a testimony that may be read out at the hearing.

It is not essential, but it is very important to have the right legal representation at your hearing. You have the right to represent yourself, but statically you are much more likely to bring back a positive outcome with the help of a qualified disability attorney. This attorney can make sure that the hearing is held properly, that the right questions are asked, and that you are prepared to present your case in the best way possible. This can be the difference between an approval and a denial.

You will be given notice of the date of your hearing twenty days before it takes place. Prior to the date of the hearing, any evidence that you wish to be considered during the hearing should be submitted. Make sure that this evidence is submitted as soon as possible to the administrative judge presiding over your case.

You should also contact any witnesses that you feel are important and appropriate to give evidence at your case. This can include health care professionals that have dealt with you personally, members of the clergy, friends, and even family. You lawyer will be able to advice you on both the witnesses you should be using to help your case, and the documentary evidence you need to send beforehand. This is a particular place in the process where an attorney is very handy in that they can remove any unnecessary time wasting with regards to preparation, and have you concentrating on what will actually win you your case.

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