A Knoxville Social Security Attorney Explains Vocational Expert Testimony

Vocational experts are individuals with specialized knowledge in areas that include vocational capacity, potential earning capacity, vocational rehabilitation, and also benefits and wages. For the purposes of a social security disability hearing, an expert’s testimony is typically limited to your personal work history and future capacity to work. The vocational expert at your hearing is expected to give full and complete answers to the judge during their testimony but not to volunteer information outright. After the Judge questions the vocational expert during the hearing, your Knoxville, TN Social Security attorney will then have the opportunity to question your expert witness to help solidify your case.

There are several areas in which a vocational expert is able to provide testimony. These include the following: 1) the skill and specific demands of any jobs you have had in the past; 2) whether those specific work demands could be considered typical for jobs such as yours; and also 3) whether or not any of your work related skills would be transferrable to some other vocation. During the hearing, the judge may present hypothetical questions to the vocational expert regarding any of these three topics.

The expert’s testimony regarding the unique skills needed and the specific demands of any jobs you have had in the past is absolutely central to the determination of whether, and also to what degree, you are disabled. There are many topics about which an expert witness probably would not testify because their testimony would be considered to be either irrelevant or beyond the scope of their expertise. A vocational expert likely will not give opinions in a few areas including: 1) whether or not you are a good  candidate for vocational rehabilitation; 2) whether or not you are capable of competing with other non-impaired people for similar employment; 3) whether or not there are jobs in your area of ability currently available; and finally 4) whether or not you are sufficiently disabled. During your social security disability hearing, your Knoxville Social Security attorney will be responsible for objecting to any testimony offered that is irrelevant and that may damage your case in any way.

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