How a Knoxville Social Security lawyer can help with your disability case

Our Knoxville, TN based Social Security law firm has represented more than a thousand claimants over the last 25 years. If Bill Hotz and Associates serves as your Tennessee disability attorney, you can count on us to:

  • Guide you through your appeal
  • Assist in developing the record for your claim
  • Represent you at your social security disability hearing
  • Handle further appeals if necessary and appropriate

Developing the record

Our staff of experts will assist in developing the record in several ways. First we look at your Social Security file to see what evidence Social Security has already obtained. Complete medical records are especially important to the success of your claim. If any records are missing, we will help you to obtain them and submit them to Social Security. Although Social Security disability examiners are supposed to obtain these records for you, they do not always have the time to develop the evidence as fully as a disability attorney can.

We will also obtain any additional documents that can support your claim, such as school and work records.

We will also work with your doctor to obtain a written opinion on your medical condition. A written opinion from your personal doctors should help to explain your diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and especially how your current condition limits what you are able to do. A properly prepared opinion from a physician is very influential for these cases. Social Security may even be required to adopt your treating doctor’s opinion if it meets certain requirements. Doctors are often busy and don’t always know how to prepare the opinion. We can educate your doctors on the requirements. We can even prepare questions for your doctors to answer that are tailored to your unique situation.

After reviewing your medical records, we may suggest you undergo further medical analysis. If your symptoms are not consistent with medical records, further investigation may be required to explain them. Social Security decision makers will not consider symptoms that cannot be explained by your medical condition. You may have symptoms that are not explained by your current diagnosis and that have never been properly evaluated.

We may also suggest that you see a vocational expert. Most claimants will need to prove they cannot do their former jobs or any other job that exists in significant numbers. A report from a vocational expert on your ability to work and what jobs, if any, you still can do is valuable evidence of your disability.

Representing you at your hearing

Well before your hearing date, our attorneys will meet with you to explain what will happen at your hearing. Together we will review the questions you can expect to be asked. We will discuss the best ways for you to describe your pain and other symptoms and how they affect your daily activities. We will also meet with your witnesses and prepare them to testify on your behalf.

At your hearing, we will present your case to the administration law judge. We will question you and other witnesses, object to improper evidence, cross-examine medical and vocation experts presented by Social Security, and make written and oral arguments to the judge.

Assistance is available

If you do not already have a Knoxville, Tennessee Social Security Disability lawyer and would like for our staff to evaluate your claim, get in touch with us today.

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