Knoxville, TN Social Security Disability Attorneys

Bill Hotz and Associates is a Knoxville, TN law firm that has been helping people get approved for their social security disability benefits for over 25 years. People know us from our TV ads as Knoxville’s Car Wreck Attorneys, and we’re very good at that, but what people don’t know is that we also specialize in Social Security Disability cases. We have a team of over 30 attorneys and paralegals who are ready to go to work on your case right now. We are the Knoxville, TN social security disability lawyer’s you can turn to in your time of need to be a fierce advocate for your rights.

The only Social Security Disability Attorney you will need

If you have been denied once or multiple times or if you’re just beginning the process of filing for your social security disability, you need an attorney that knows the system and has a proven track record of winning results. At Bill Hotz and Associates, we don’t just fight for your social security disability to be approved, we will also fight for every penny of back pay that you are owed. You may have worked hard and paid into the social security system your entire adult life, but the system is sadly stacked against you if you’re trying to win your claim alone. Stack the deck in your favor by working with our professionals who have literally been working on these cases every day for over 25 years.

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Bill Hotz and Associates is your personal advocate for receiving your social security benefits. We will represent you aggressively and passionately, and we are ready to go to work for you right now.  Contact us today for your free consultation by calling (865) 637-9000.