Knoxville, TN Social Security Disability Lawyers

It can be stressful and traumatic if you find that you can no longer work a full-time job because of illness or injury. The decision to file for Social Security Disability Benefits can be very difficult, and getting approved for your Social Security Disability Benefits is nearly always very difficult.

At Knoxville’s Bill Hotz and Associates, we have helped thousands of people get their Social Security benefits. And almost every single one of these folks had been denied their benefits before they called us… and that’s just wrong.

Eight cents of every dollar you earn or have ever earned goes to Social Security. If the day comes when you are no longer able to work and you apply for your disability benefits, you are really applying for your own money. The problem is, the government doesn’t want to give it back to you. To get the benefits you’ve been paying for all your life, you have to fight!

Just about everyone who applies for disability benefits gets turned down on their first application. But you could have a great chance of winning if you appeal. And that’s where Bill Hotz and Associates can help. And always remember, if you have filed for disability benefits and have been denied, there are TIME DEADLINES for filing your appeal.

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We will even come meet you anywhere in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. There is no cost to contact us (consultations are free), so don’t wait! We are ready to fight for YOU.

Haley M. Newton, Attorney

Haley Newton is an associate attorney with Bill Hotz and Associates who specializes in Social Security Disability cases. As a Knoxville native, Haley finds the opportunity to represent the underserved population of East Tennessee to be very gratifying. She is a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives, Tennessee Association for Justice, Knoxville Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association and American Bar Association.  Additionally, Haley is a Rule 31 Listed Mediator in the field of General Civil Mediation.

If you are in need of a professional and passionate social security disability attorney who will fight for your rights, give Haley a call today at (865) 637-9000 or click the “Live Chat” button on the left of the screen to speak to someone about your case right now.